"The Buried Life"-- Synopsis
"Although literary fiction, the spine of the story combines mystery, suspense, and espionage. Romance is integral to the plot, the glue which binds the cold-war year of 1983 to the 21st century. In this new millennium, Leigh McCormack's buried past is resurrected. Flashback to 1983, on board one of the few small, luxury cruise ships then plying the Caribbean. For young Leigh, an idyll of first love collides with the reality of cold-war espionage. To her peril, she discovers the warm hospitality of the cruise masks a cold mission. Suddenly, an explosion at sea puts Leigh in jeopardy, haunted by partial knowledge of classified secrets. To save herself and the Love of her Life, she must betray nothing. Yet safety depends on her never discovering the vital piece of the puzzle. Flash forward to the 21st century: that last fatal puzzle piece is revealed. Knowledge is peril. Where lies salvation?"

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Fabulous cover above is by artist, Leor Warner. Just click on the cover and you are instantly taken to the exact page at Barnes & Noble on line, where novel is currently in stock and available on 24-hour notice. Of course you can order from your favorite bookstore, as well as Amazon sites in the US, UK, Germany, and France. (In search box, type "Mary Margaret Nilan" or ISBN 1588320111) For information about an autographed copy, contact me.

Real-Life Experiences & Research For Novel
Is this novel "real life," just thinly disguised as fiction? Well, I have visited 27 Caribbean islands and been aboard seven cruises which accounts for accuracy of scenes in which the plot unfolds. Characters? Fictional, of course, though sometimes inspired by my "hearing and seeing" what similar men and women might actually do and say. For the espionage details, my background in academic research came into play, as I poured over details of scientific studies and de-classified information. Then came the free fantasy of fiction, allowing my imagination to take flight.

Snapshot Reviews: From Media & Readers
I am only allowed to quote a few words from media sources, but a few more unsolicited words are allowed from readers in various occupations and locations around the world. You may find the following helpful:

Erma A., Book Forum Moderator
"I stayed up waaay too late last night reading.... I've read several excellent ARC's. 'The Buried Life' is more than holding its own against those bestsellers."

Delphi Bookhaunts' Newsgroup
(From "Spotlight on Mary Margaret Nilan")
"From an inside look at a cruise ship, to detailed descriptions of Caribbean isles, `The Buried Life' has the ring of authenticity... The author's first-hand experiences bring vivid, accurate portrayals to a novel of intrigue and romance."

Arthur N., Retired Executive, New York City
"Literary mystery with suspense, espionage, plus romance. These elements just seem to be an inevitable part of this wonderful piece of literature about the human condition... Characters are, surprisingly, as complex and intriguing as the unique plot which has a triple-twist ending!"

"Sun-Times" Florida
[Novel was completed before 9/11] "Ironically, the subject of the suspense and intrigue in Nilan's literary novel... involves the vital necessity and importance of intelligence-gathering."

Verla G., Retired English Teacher, Kansas
"As soon as I finished reading, my husband started. He could not set it down either..... The careful research about the cold war and the inner workings of espionage made the story so real. Those exact details and images certainly added to the final impact of the story. This novel is a winner! We both agree."

"The Eagle" (Scripps' News Service)
"Nilan weaves several elements into spy-caper intrigue.... A piece of literature, with plot, characters, dialogue and setting all equally important."

Marguerite D., Attorney, Washington, D.C.
"Don't remember how long it has been since I began a novel and read straight through... I admit I was fearful for protagonist... But ending was very satisfying."

Denny J., Journalist, Chicago
"I'm proud to be among the fans of `The Buried Life...' My wife is reading now, on my recommendation. I'm glad I met the author before she became too famous!"

"Mystery Readers Journal"
"Details of each island engages with the reader.... neither getting in the way of the narrative nor diverting from the plot."

Andy Walsh, Author, Cumbria, England
" 'The Buried Life' defies categorism... It is a thriller, a romance, a travelogue. It is all these things and much more.... Nilan handles the story with vigor, evocatively recreating sights and sounds.... Characters are accurately portrayed... Narrative is trimmed down to the minimum; nothing gets in the way of the main story."

Sue L. Enthusiastic Reader, Michigan
"The writing is outstanding with marvelous attention to structure, language, and detail, elements often lacking in today's novels. Nilan used her talents beautifully, with an eye for delicate detail, while rounding out the undercurrent of relationships, preserving the whole and leading us to the surprising, satisfying ending.

Ken S, o/b Crystal Cruises
"A wonderful book on a wonderful cruise-- the perfect combination. Thank you again for "The Buried Life."

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